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Free Placement Test



At HELP we are data driven and provide a free placement test to all potential students! We don’t waste time going over things that you already know, with our data driven solutions you can improve faster and more efficiently! 

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Business English Lessons

We help you develop all of the essential business English skills you need. Telephone communications, Emails, Marketing, Sales, Meetings, Negotiations, and more! All lessons come complete with Homework and review materials to help you learn and grow!

General English Lessons

From A0 beginner to C1 advanced and beyond, we have a full range of developmental lessons for you! Develop your Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar and  Cultural knowledge skills in a group setting with plenty of in-class activities, Homework, review materials and assessment tests! 

Interviews Crash Course

The interview process is stressful, especially in a foreign language. Let us help you avoid the mistakes that people commonly make when preparing for their round 1 interviews questions. We will go over the best strategies and templates to do your best and get to round 2! 

Our specialized approach is specifically designed to help students get a 7+ in all sections of the IELTS™ test: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening! Join our group classes to learn all the most important skills you need to do your best on the test! 


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We will go over the best strategies to use and the mistakes to avoid on the Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening tests so you can get 100+ score on the TOEFL™. No more confusing and contradictory information from multiple online sources, our group TOEFL™ 
prep lessons are all you need!

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What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission Statement

We are Higgins English Learning Program (HELP) and we provide the highest quality group and individual lessons you can find online. We use data driven solutions to improve our students’ skills and lives by helping them learn the best English to get the dream job, education or immigration that they have always wanted! Education. Training. Success! Click on “Get Started” to begin the journey to change your life! 

James is the best! He helps me with Business English. Reading, Writing, Grammar and Speaking. He does it all! If you need help with Business English OR General English James is your guy!!!


James is a great teacher, whose approach to IELTS preparation is very comprehensive and thorough. I was able to make marked progress only after a few lessons thanks to his feedback and encouragement. He’s helped me to get out of my comfort zone and given me invaluable tips on how to write IELTS essays, how to approach writing in general, and how to manage my time.


I took a test and James gave me some advices according to my result, and taught me some grammars today. He is a very patient and professional IETLS teacher. Definitely I will take his lessons again. Thank you.


One-On-One Lessons


Don't Find The Answer You Need? Contact Us:

For one-on-one English lessons, you can book 1 hour or buy a package of 5 or 10 lessons. When you purchase a package, we offer a discounted price. For group lessons, we propose packages only and the best price ever!

Is there a minimum number of courses I need to buy?

Yes, you have 6 months to use the lessons you purchased on our website. For one-on-one lessons, we encourage you to take English lessons regularly to maximize their benefit. For group lessons, there will be a start date and end date for the package you bought.

Is there a time limit to use the lesson I purchased

English group lessons are a great way to improve your English speaking skills at a low price. By participating in our group lessons, you can get feedback and instruction from one of our native English teachers who will help you learn the correct pronunciation, grammar and much more. Our group lessons give you the opportunity to practice your English speaking skills with other students who are also interested in learning the language. This not only helps you learn more quickly but also builds confidence when speaking English.

What is the benefit of English group lessons? 

For group lessons, we have a group of 5 students and a group of 10 students. Our small group lessons will help you become proficient in English at a low price.

What is the maximum number of students per group?

Learning English can open many professional and educational opportunities for you. Not only will it help you in your career but also will allow you to communicate with people from all over the world. Speaking English confidently and fluently and knowing how to communicate effectively in this language will help you build better relationships with native and non-native speakers as well as earn you more money.

What is the benefit of learning English?

Didn't Find The Class You Need?

Weekly Live Streams

Join us on social media to ask your English questions. Every week we will put out a poll asking what our students want livestream on. Weekly topics depend on the needs and input of our cherished students! Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Quora today!

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Our Packages

Save Money With Our English Lessons Packages

For our Group Lessons, the first step is to book a free call. Once we have evaluated your English level, you will buy your package.



Group of 10 Students



We have Packages for:

Business Lessons

Interviews Crash Course



General English


Group of 5 Students



We have Packages for:

Business Lessons

Interviews Crash Course



General English



$155 to $280


We have Packages for:

Business Lessons

Interviews Crash Course



General English

2 Ways to learn! Group and 1:1 Lessons. For Group Lessons book a free onboarding call with one of our teachers.

The Best Materials! The Best Prices! Life Changing Results.


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