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James Higgins

After graduating from university James got a job in Marketing and worked for a few years to pay off his debts. Finally, he decided to pursue his dream of living abroad and teaching English instead. He spent years abroad teaching in China, Spain and Thailand and eventually transitioned to teaching adults business English and test prep online 100% of the time. Using his business background and teaching skills he loves making a big difference in his clients lives! 

James Higging, Founder and CEO of HELP English Program

When my students succeed and get the jobs, promotions, or university spots that they want nothing feels better so now I am trying to offer success and happiness to more people than ever by offering quality group lessons online at fantastic prices. Better English = Better Life for many business professionals and I want to help! 

James Higgins   |  Founder & CEO of HELP

What Sets Us Apart

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Jim Briganti

Jim Briganti is a former Professor at Nagasaki University School of Medicine where he taught Public Health in the English Section and oversaw three different international exchange programs. He is currently the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of IAFOR, and is spearheading the Global Research Collaborations initiative in North America. Previously, Professor Briganti worked for Michigan State University teaching academic writing to V.I.P.P. (Visiting International Professional Program) students from Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, among others.

Jim Briganti, teacher at HELP

In my free time I work on my YouTube channel and spend time with my three children. My current interests are cross-cultural competence, international academic collaboration, learner agency, and online language learning content development. 

Jim Briganti   |  English Teacher at HELP

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